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Lo and behold: Facebook just might be hotter than Google News among information gatherers

February 8, 2010 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

So it seems that these days, Facebook may be generating more hits than news aggregators like Google News, according to Marketing Pilgrim. Clearly, many people end up spending far more time than they should on Facebook, so why not get a little brainfood in the process? Perhaps this may not be such a bad thing because those who are interested in news will conduct their usual research and seek out their usual worldly updates, all the while filling in their less socially conscious buddies. They quote from HitWise:


News and Media is the #11 downstream industry after Facebook, receiving 3.69% of the social networking site’s traffic. To offer a comparison, 6% of downstream traffic from Facebook went to Shopping and Classifieds last week [check out their downstream retail traffic] and 6% to Business and Finance and 15% went to Entertainment websites (YouTube in particular).


As a Facebook user myself, if I come across an interesting link in my newsfeed, I will open it up. However, this doesn’t mean I would have gone out of my way to research the topic via a news aggregator. Therefore, I highly doubt that because of Facebook, Google News is doomed (also feel free to check out Newspapers, Fear Not the Aggregator.) Customized settings on Google News deliver information to individuals based on your personal research trends. Occasionally, people post up content related to what’s in mainstream news, but for the most part, Facebook users will likely post up links to content that is of interest to them and they think it may be neat to share it with frends. So perhaps you may learn an odd tidbit from a buddy through a news link, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you would have looked into that same subject beforehand.

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  • Lisa Lynch

    Good points here re newspapers having overblown fears about aggregation. I think another of the issues this article raises is how — and whether — media outlets can monitor, enhance or otherwise manage their presence on Facebook. By and large, individual reporters have mastered the platform, news outlets less so.

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